Blue Black & Blue Ball 2014

Published: May 19, 2014


The Blue Fuego – Painting Sydney Blue Black; The Thomians’ host their dinner dance in real Style


In Sydney there are dances and then there is the Blue Black & Blue Ball, the much anticipated annual event in the social calendar.

 This year was no exception, with the main ballroom of Epping Club beautifully decorated, with a very generous dance floor and even the overhead LED lights in a hazy shade of blue.

 After an ample serving of light canapés and pre event drinks the Grand Ballroom doors were swung open by the attentive staff of the Epping Club. Many of the guests stopped at the door to pause in admiration of the simple but effective bespoke decor that was in front of them.

 Guests took a long time to sit down, a good sign! They moved from table to table shaking hands and chit-chatting with old friends. The Thomian Ball has always been much more than a dance, it is indeed a grand reunion of Gentlemen and Scholars from that Great School by the Sea.

 MC Duke Ramachandran started the ball rolling, pun intended, by acknowledging the presence of several special guests who were present, giving their names and table numbers. A nice personal touch from a true Master of Ceremonies.

 OBA President Eksath Perera gave a short speech which was to the point and further acknowledged the contribution made by Milroy Berenger and the Team in compiling the magnificent souvenir that was on every table. Eksath went on to mention those who have supported the dance in many ways and the dance sponsors.

 Dancing started with a bang. Doctor, the smash hit band from Colombo were on stage and kicked off the evening with a few smooth blues numbers. Couples were on the floor immediately and a gradual exodus from the tables to the dance floor transpired. Doctor are a very talented band and gave the guests music and more music. Long sessions with short breaks kept the floor busy. Their fast numbers and Bailas were a definite hit with guests asking for more and more.

 While the Doctor was away on House calls, the DJ kept us in a very happy mood with a fine selection of music, not too loud, just enough to be heard and to allow some intra-table conversation.

 The traditional singing of the College song had a large number of Old Boys upstanding, a testimony of the popularity of the Thomian dance amongst our very own.

 Duke put on a great auction of a bat signed by Arujuna Ranatunga who captained the 1996 Cricket World Cup team. The proceeds are to go to STC Gurutalawa for the sinking of a much needed bore well.

 It would be remiss of me not to mention the dinner menu. Par excellence is an understatement. The Chef at the Epping Club produced a meal fit for Royalty. The main course was a selection of pepper crusted Tassie salmon or that all time Italian favourite, Florentine spring chicken served on a bed of crushed garlic with just a hint of curry sprinkled on top.

 Dessert was so delicious, that many of us had to forego our diets for the day. The choice was a Crème Brulee with a sliver of biscotti or a cherry mousse topped with dark bitter chocolate. Many of us put on ounces on that day, but with the great music and lots of dancing it was well balanced.

 The Thomian OBA Committee worked tirelessly, pooling their professional talents to produce this dance, an event that will be remembered for many years to come. The dedication and commitment by the Committee members resulted in the establishment of a Platinum standard by which future dances will be judged. The nearly 300 guests who were present were well catered for in every aspect.

 Thanuja the Ozlanka photographer covered the dance for the OBA. View the dance photos at our Gallery