STC OBA NSW – New Committee 2014/15

Published: Nov 17, 2014

The Annual General Meeting of S. Thomas’ College OBA NSW was held on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at the Blue Elephant Restaurant No 2 City View Road Pennant Hills NSW.

 After many years of able stewardship and inspiring leadership, the President of the STC OBA NSW Mr Eksath Perera decided to step down as President. Eksath was succeeded by Graham Masefield who had been in one of the associations’ earliest committees circa 1987.




Eksath Perera – President

Richie de Silva – Vice President

Gimantha Jayasinghe – Vice President

Ramesh Abayasekara – Secretary

Rex Ratnam – Treasurer

Kumar Rasiah

Duke Ramachandran

Senaka Jayasuriya

Damika Wickramasinghe

Shaan Ching

Bob Praba Subramaniam

Shamilal Wijeyawardane

Tissa Mohotti – Hon Auditor


Graham Masefield – President

Richie de Silva – Vice President

Eksath Perera – Vice President

Indrajith Gunawardhana – Secretary

Rex Ratnam – Treasurer

Kumar Rasiah

Duke Ramachandran

Nalin Wickramasinghe

Shaan Ching

Bob Praba Subramaniam

Shamilal Wijeyawardane

Nihal Ramanayake – ACT representative

Rajiv Chinnah – Hon Auditor



 In his speech Eksath thanked the committee and the membership for their support during his period in office. Proposing a vote of thanks Eksath applauded each member highlighting their individual contribution and dedication that enabled the OBA to function as a team. He took responsibility for his decisions and explained to the members that his decisions were for the common good or the greater good of the OBA. He apologized to those who may have had reservations about individual issues based on matters of choice.

 Patron of the OBA, Ananda Amaranath sent his apologies and a message to be read out. In his lucid message he observed,  “ people often ask, what purpose or relevance does an organization like ours, have in a country outside Sri Lanka. To my mind it serves several purposes. All of us have had our formative education within S. Thomas’. Consequently we share a common set of values and abide by an unwritten code of ethics with a standards of behavior that makes us a unique group. The Association provides us a platform through which we have been able to interact with each other in a spirit of camaraderie and harmony. “

 Eksath commented on the following events held during the course of the year.

 Although all games were lost at the Royal Thomian cricket match held on Australia day January 26, the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by the Thomians was outstanding.

 Dinner to felicitate Sub Warden Marc Billimoria on 13 May 2013 was well attended & Rev Billimoria gave us good insight into the progress made by college since the new Warden Indra De Zoyza  came on board.

 The Thomian Dance held on 22 August 2014, was another successful event with over 270 people attending & excellent music provided by the band “Doctor” from Sri Lanka. Dance delivered a reasonable profit, to boost the funds of the association.


The Carol service held on 30th November 2013 exceeded all expectations, judging by the fact that over 300 guests attended & very  encouraging reports were received thereafter.


The STCOBA Sydney website has been upgraded & members feedback  on its function was solicited.


Treasurer Rex Ratnam delivered his annual report, and explained the P&L of the various activities undertaken.


The election of office bearers for 2014-2015 was then announced & Graham Masefield was installed as the new President. In his opening speech, Graham stated that he was humbled to accept the position of President and would strive to maintain the high standards set by his predecessor.


The AGM was well attended comprising a cross section of all ages of Thomians. There was a time for open discussion where fresh ideas were put forward and interesting valuable comments in keeping with changing times and demography made, which will be taken on board by the new committee.


The evening concluded with a time of warm fellowship dinner and energetic singing of the College song.


Esto perpetual 



Ramesh Abayasekara

Secretary,  STCOBANSW