There are a few big truths that I have come to believe in life: from the STCOBA NSW 2014 Dance Souvenir

Published: Nov 17, 2014

 (i) Change will come with time-this is self evident especially if one

believes in evolution.

(ii) One cannot break the law – one only breaks oneself against the law –

example – the law of gravity – I can jump out the window from any height —

I will still fall at 32 ft/sec – I may break myself more if the window were

higher rather than lower.

(iii) I have choice– I can choose not to change.

So with the passage of time we are forced to change and I for one will hold

on to my memories of the Royal-Thomian and the Oval as I remember it. It

is in my mind’s eye and I have the ability to recreate it at will, including

the tents, the flags, the old crocks, and the bands that paraded around the

grounds. Those were the days of my youth and the wonderful rivalry as well

as the respect and appreciation that I had for the two institutions and the

people who represented them. These images connect me to my childhood

and bring back memories of getting colors and playing in the Big Match. But

I left that behind and walked away to seek another dream – but as I said I

can go back in time and recreate the images of youth and they still bring a

smile to my face – most times it is one of joy but at times sad -and longing

for another chance to do it all again. But… that time has passed and a new

dawn has broken and life has moved on and I have gotten older and even if I

may say so myself – wiser.

I watch cricket today and marvel at the changes that have taken place – the

athleticism of the players, their search for something different like the Dil

scoop, reverse sweeps, the doosra and the creativity of the modern game,

inclusive of what we termed chucking as normal today, making it possible for

lesser mortals to spin the ball like Kari on a turning wicket. But it has also

exacted a price – commercialization, money, match fixing, etc. I guess that is

what has changed the appearance of the Oval.

I watched a Royal-Thomian encounter a few years back at the SSC. It had

a different feel to me partly because I have lived away and had not been

exposed to the change more gradually. I dare say that perhaps some of the

change was driven by politics related to the civil war and the ownership of

the Oval. But this is all history now and change has taken place and I have

to accept the changes knowing that I can go back in time in my mind and

visualize Eardley and myself as we were in the late 60s – young, scrawny and

in love with a game called cricket and representing our respective schools.

Nimalka Wijesooriya

Buck House

1957 – 1969