The College

S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia is an Anglican Church School, which was founded by the first Bishop of Colombo, the Rt. Rev. James Chapman, D. D. It was his foremost vision to build a College & Cathedral for the new Diocese of Colombo of the Church of Ceylon. Thus on the 3rd of February 1851 the College of St .Thomas the Apostle, Colombo was opened with the objective of training a Christian Clergy and to make Children good citizens under the discipline & supervision of Christianity.

S. Thomas’ College is much more than just a school. It is an institution rich in tradition, characterized by nearly one and a half centuries of hard work, dedication and achievement, all imbibed with the legendary Thomian Spirit. A pioneering institution which has understood and nurtured the very best in youth; where mere boys went in and great men came out to be “men and gentlemen always” men who beat the odds with the legendary “Thomian grit” and gentlemen who up held the motto of the school – Esto Perpetua!


Esto Perpetua – Pro Deo et Ecclesia 
Be Thou forever for God & His Church



The OBA was established in 1986. In its infancy the main event was an annual dance, organised as a joint Royal – Thomian initiative. The OBA is made up of many generations of boys who studied at S Thomas College – Mount Lavinia, Prep School Colpetty and Gurutalawa. The Association is run by a Committee, which is elected annually. It provides an opportunity for Old Thomians to reminisce and to keep abreast of events in their respective campuses. Its main publication is the annual dance Souvenir, whose principal content is the recollections of Old Thomians … their lives and times at STC. These ‘memoirs’, from Old Boys and retired Teachers alike, often focus on a particular era, viewed with the benefit of hindsight. It is interesting to see now how old ‘adversaries’ go out of their way to acknowledge the folly of youth and the wisdom of their teachers. 

Through the OBA many Thomians have re-established contact with the ‘Alma Mater’, becoming actively involved in a variety of projects to improve the facilities in the school. The NSW branch over the years has donated cricketing and Rugby equipment, sponsored coaching services, donated books and conducted specialised coaching clinics for the schools in Sri Lanka. 

The Thomian OBA movement, with 9 OBAs worldwide, is an ideal vehicle for those who wish to give something back to the College. 

The main gate every Thomian had to pass through. Being individuals we all experienced different emotions as we passed through these gates. But when we walked out for the ‘last time’ as young men, and turned around and looked at them for the ‘last time,’ we realised how much we had grown to love our school, and we were comforted by the knowledge that our times and experiences here would live in our hearts and minds forever.